Ladies Auxiliary


Welcome to the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the Citizens’ Fire Company of Upper Milford Township!

Organized on November 1, 1949 the Ladies purpose is to aid and assist the Citizens’ Fire Company in maintenance and purchase of firefighting equipment and to render helpful service to the community.


The Ladies Auxiliary meets the last Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm at the Vera Cruz Fire Department Social Hall. We’re always looking for new members. The Ladies aid in supporting the department by lending a hand in fund raising and other support when needed. We also hold various fundraisers throughout the year by holding pizza sales, shoo-fly pie sales, a picnic to honor emergency responders and assist the firefighters with fire prevention activities.


Keep your eyes out for more information.


For more information on fundraisers or how to join the Ladies Auxiliary contact Sue at 484-767-7740 Or email to



2016 Fire Prevention Open House and Craft Show!


  • Thank you to everyone who supported our 2016 open house!



Susan Zacharda

Vice President

Emily Fair

2nd Vice President

Kerstin Klepzig


 Annie Souder

Recording Secretary

Roxanne Fatzinger

Financial Secretary

Thelma Schaffer

1st Year Trustee

Carole Hrabina

2nd Year Trustee

Peggy Young

3rd Year Trustee

Evelyn Arndt

Full Member Roster:

Arndt, Evelyn

Benner, Ruth Ann

Crossley, Delores

Danner, Michelle

Derr, Phoebe

Eltz, Betsy

Engleman, Shirley

Fair, Emily

Fatzinger, Roxanne

Fisher, Miriam

Haines, Linda

Holtzhafer, Marjo

Hrabina, Carole

Klepzig, Kerstin

Lichtenwalner, Gail

Lichtenwalner, Tabitha

Mohr, Jennifer

Nischnic, Joyce

Reidenhour, Donna

Ritter, Phyllis

Schaffer, Thelma

Schaffer, Vickie

Sherman, Becky

Snyder, Mary

Souder, Annie

Souder, Annie

Young, Peggy

Zacharda, Susan

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